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11 Asus Laptop Advantages That Not Many People Know

Asus Laptops is an artificial laptop company based in Taiwan that is Asustek Computer. In addition to producing laptops, the company also produces other computer components such as graphics cards, notebooks, and motherboards. Before Asustek’s company focused on producing laptops and netbooks, the company was a company focused on producing high quality motherboards.

In 2017 Asus returns to dominate the market in the field of sales of laptop products and netbook. Asus dare to give 2-year warranty on the products he made so this is one of the advantages in reaching the top of the sales market. In Indonesia also Asus laptop products also become a lot of idols purchased. One of the excellent features owned by Asus products is MeMO Pad. MeMO Pad is a Floating App that allows multiple applications to run simultaneously. And with the Floating App application that is running will be seen on the screen without having to take turns.

Here I convey 11 advantages Asus laptop products that have not been known to many people:

1. Brand Asus has earned several awards for its quality assurance of the products it produces. So that makes Asus become the best laptop and netbook manufacturer today.
2. Provision of 2-year warranty is different from other laptop manufacturers.
3. Reliability of the products it produces. Because Asus has previously become the best motherboard manufacturer, as well as laptop products made.
4. Asus is a brand of laptop that hold to play games. For those of you who lovers of the game must have this laptop product.
5. Asus is known as a laptop product that is perfect for you who like the design.
6. Asus is fast in updating its products, so as to make buyers tempted by the advantages of its products.
7. Asus has an Asus center that is widely spread throughout the territory of Indonesia.
8. In some product variants, the price laptop asus murah when compared with other products.
9. Asus capability in receiving various applications is very good and recommended.
10. Asus has a wide variety of products. So as to meet the desires of consumers.
11. Asus is very consistent in making its products, thus making it a famous and trusted laptop manufacturer.

So much that I can tell about the advantages of the product laptop asus which has not been or is not known by people in general. With that information I recommend for those who want to buy a laptop or netbook to buy products made by Asus. Good products and long warranty are the main advantages and the right choice for you. Hopefully the information is useful for you. Please try and Good luck.