Planning a Journey and Which Fragrances to Take

In planning, a few weeks prior to my leaving I get out and open up my baggage. Establishing it aside on the bed in my extra bedroom I can then select the various clothing that I’ll be taking, paying attention to of the weather and the trip plans I have. Once that is done it’s on to choosing the most ideal fragrance for my trip. I try to only take between two to three perfumes with me. First this reduces on the amount of baggage I take and creates the making decisions easier.

This years’ trip was to an unique cottage hotel place with periodic excursions to traditional sites then completing the night with loving meals.

For clinging around the cottage hotel place I loaded Angel by Thierry Mugler. Angel is a relaxing asian woodsy fragrance that would be ideal for any outdoor setting, whether it be looking at when or by the shuffleboard place. With its combination of vanilla flavor sandalwood and patchouli and associated by spicey notices of clean lemon or lime canteloup, peach masks and apples, this fragrance is great for informal day time use.

For our day adventures of see the traditional attractions a light bodied clean fragrance would be the most ideal fragrance. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana came instantly to my thoughts as it is a ideal summer season fragrance with its hits of water lily and narcissus which jogs my memory of a walk through the garden. Dolce also offers breezy flower notices that stay all day long. While notices of pawpaw blossoms are lovely on the nasal area, the better neroli and amaryllis provide material and detail.

The worst was choosing the fragrance for those loving night meals. Romantic endeavors by Rob Lauren was my first thought with its enhanced lavish elegant fragrance. The combination of clean increased, cinnamon, marigold, purple, oakmoss and musk creates it the most ideal dress use fragrance. L’Air Du Temperature by Nina Ricci is also another favorite of my own for dress use. A enhanced flower fragrance, this elegant fragrance is known for a combination of gardenia, jasmine, eye and sandalwood. Since I could not decide which one to take, I took both of them.

Needless to say, this year’s baggage was a bit more populated since I could not make up my thoughts on which fragrance to take. I was extremely happy with my choices and on several events had enhances on the fragrance that I was dressed in. Going through the arrangements when packaging for a vacation, takes the frustration out of choosing the wrong fragrance to pack.